Embark on a Coffee Odyssey: Discover Colombo’s Vibrant Café Scene with Feelo - Feelo

Embark on a Coffee Odyssey: Discover Colombo’s Vibrant Café Scene with Feelo

Calling all coffee aficionados! Colombo's cafe scene is as diverse as it is vibrant, offering a range of coffee experiences that cater to every taste and budget. From the humble yet charming Kades and small curry/roti shops serving the cheapest coffee with sugar, to the trendy cafes in malls, cozy coffee corners, and luxurious hotel lounges, Colombo has something for every coffee lover. Join us on a journey through some of the city’s top spots for coffee, each offering unique flavors and experiences. Get ready to sip, savor, and indulge in the best brews Colombo has to offer!

1. English Cake Company: A Slice of Delight

The English Cake Company -The Cakery


Kickstart your coffee adventure at the English Cake Company with Feelo's exclusive deal. Indulge in 1 slice of decadent cake paired perfectly with your choice of 1 cup of tea or coffee. Whether you prefer a rich espresso, a creamy latte, or a soothing herbal infusion, this café promises a cozy atmosphere and impeccable treats. Explore their delightful offer with 1x Cake Slice & 1x Cup of Tea or Coffee and prepare to treat yourself to a moment of pure indulgence.

2. Brown Bean Coffee: Cool & Cozy

For those craving something cool and invigorating, Feelo invites you to experience 2 servings of the Mocha Choc Marathon cold coffee from Brown Bean Coffee. This refreshing blend of mocha and chocolate is a perfect pick-me-up on a warm day, combining bold flavors with a smooth finish that will tantalize your taste buds. Dive into this delicious treat and discover why it’s a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. Experience it with the 2x Mocha Choc Marathon Cold Coffee deal.

3. The Layover Marine Drive: Scenic & Serene

Indulge in a scenic coffee break with Feelo’s exclusive offer at The Layover Marine Drive. Enjoy your choice of expertly brewed coffee paired with a delectable panini bread sandwich, all while soaking in stunning views of Colombo’s picturesque coastline. This café provides a serene ambiance to savor every sip and bite, making it an ideal spot for coffee aficionados seeking relaxation and breathtaking views. Discover this coastal offer with 1x Choice of Coffee & 1x Choice of Panini Bread Sandwich.

4. Taj Samudra Colombo: Gourmet Indulgence

Delight in gourmet experiences at Taj Samudra Colombo with Feelo’s tempting deals:

Explore these exquisite combinations of flavors and textures that epitomize luxury and culinary excellence. Immerse yourself in the refined ambiance of Taj Samudra Colombo and discover why it's a haven for discerning coffee enthusiasts.


5. Barefoot Garden Cafe: Rustic Charm

Experience the rustic charm of Barefoot Garden Cafe with Feelo’s exclusive offer. Nestled in a serene garden setting, this café is perfect for those seeking a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a Roast Beef Sandwich paired with a Drink of Choice (Milkshake or Coffee) and let the flavors take you on a culinary journey.

The café's rustic decor, adorned with vibrant art pieces, creates an ideal backdrop for a leisurely coffee break. Whether you're catching up with friends or simply unwinding, Barefoot Garden Cafe offers an idyllic setting. The Roast Beef Sandwich, with tender beef and fresh ingredients, paired with a creamy milkshake or a rich coffee, completes the experience.


6. Café Chocolates: Sweet & Refreshing

Treat yourself to a sweet and refreshing experience at Café Chocolates with Feelo’s exclusive deal for 2x Charming Bubble Tea. This café is a paradise for dessert lovers and those who enjoy innovative beverages. Perfect for a hot day, these bubble teas offer a delightful burst of flavor in every sip.

Café Chocolates is known for its whimsical interior, filled with delightful chocolate-themed decor and cozy seating. The bubble teas, with their chewy tapioca pearls and refreshing flavors, are a treat that can be enjoyed anytime. Pair your drink with one of their signature chocolate pastries for a complete indulgence. The charming ambiance of Café Chocolates makes it an ideal spot for a casual hangout or a sweet escape.


7. Pages & Coffee: Literary Escape

Combine your love for books and coffee at Pages & Coffee, where Feelo offers an exclusive deal perfect for bibliophiles and coffee enthusiasts. This quaint café provides a cozy atmosphere where you can sip on your favorite brew and get lost in a good book. The exclusive deal includes a choice of expertly brewed coffee to enjoy as you immerse yourself in the literary world.


Discover Colombo’s Coffee Culture

Colombo’s café culture is a testament to the city’s love affair with coffee, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in every cup. Feelo’s curated deals invite you to explore and savor the best of what the city has to offer, from classic brews to indulgent cold coffees and gourmet sandwiches.

Plan Your Coffee Adventure Today!

Start your journey into Colombo’s coffee scene by exploring these exclusive Feelo deals. Click on the links above to dive into a world of coffee flavors and experiences that will delight your taste buds and elevate your coffee break to new heights. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, there’s no better time to discover why Colombo is a paradise for coffee lovers. Cheers to great coffee and memorable moments!


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