Feelo sold 430 vouchers only in 24 hours for Royal Burger

Feelo sold 430 vouchers only in 24 hours for Royal Burger


This success story delves into the performance evaluation of flash deal conducted on Feelo.lk in partnership with Royal Burger, on July 30th 2023. The flash deal offered a discounted meal package for two people, aiming to augment sales and brand visibility.

Details of the deal

  • We published the deal on July 30th 2023.
  • The deal was available for 24 hours.
  • The deal was an offer with 50% off on 2 burger meals for 2 people, inclusive of 2 BBQ chicken or 2 crispy chicken burgers, 2 French fries, and 2 frizzy drinks.
  • The original Price of the deal was Rs.2400.00.
  • The discounted price of the deal was Rs.1190.00.
  • The deal had a discount of 50% for Feelo customers.

Financial Performance of the deal

  • The flash deal yielded a noteworthy total sales value of Rs.524,658 in just 24 hours.
  • The deal garnered 430 paid orders.

The deal's discounted price of Rs.1,990, representing a 50% discount, likely played a pivotal role in attracting customers. This resulted in a successful flash deal in terms of immediate revenue generation.

Customer Engagement

The flash deal's enticing proposition of 2 burger meals for 2 individuals at a 50% discount invigorated customer interest and engagement. The time-sensitive nature of the promotion stimulated swift purchasing decisions.

Marketing Efforts

  • The flash deal triggered a surge in website traffic, resulting in 4,632 online sessions.
  • Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns reached a substantial audience, with exposure to 290,176 individuals.

Royal Burger marketing results


The success of Royal Burger's flash deal can be attributed to its strategic elements below:

The substantial discount, limited-time availability, and comprehensive meal package collectively contributed to the deal's success.

This success story reveals the potential of well-structured flash deals in amplifying sales, fostering customer engagement, and high brand recognition. The results underline the efficacy of crafting appealing offers within a time-bound framework, ultimately increase substantial business gains.

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